Our Organisation

  • We are an independent non governmental organisation in Nigeria supported by donors, volunteers and staff.
  • We are affiliated with an International NGO, DAHW( German Leprosy & Tuberculosis Relief Association) with over 60years experience in health care related projects in Nigeria and across the world.
  • We collaborate with national and international players active in medical and social development co-operation and research. We form strategic alliances to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • We finance our work with donations and public funds from institution and individuals.
  • The entrusted funds enable us to fulfill our statutory duties, in line with the principle of economy and needs-based support. We consider ourselves as a link between people who want to help those who need help.
  • We are responsible to facilitate the desire of our donors to change lives and provide professional medical and social assistance directly to the people.
  • We visualize the connection between disease and poverty so that people act with empathy and solidarity in our ONE world.

The core of our work

  • We actively assist on a national scale people suffering from diseases of exclusion and poverty-related diseases
  • The heart of our work consists of promoting medical and social projects.
  • As a health NGO , we support medical and social relief programs that allow affected individuals to live a life in dignity and become empowered to be equally integrated into society through our intervention programmes and skill acquisition.
  • We support research conducted in the interests of improving prevention, diagnostics, therapy and medical-social rehabilitation for our target communities.
  • We maintain national and international standards and encourage self-responsibility.
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Our guidelines and our code of conduct form the working basis for all employees, for interns, project partners, consultants, suppliers and for the supervisory bodies. We want to ensure compliance with the guidelines and rules of conduct at all times and at every level of work. Violations or indications of violations will be investigated immediately.

Our top Partners